Given how long it’s taken me to reconcile my nature, I can’t figure I’d forgo it on your account.


coconut equivalent

john williams : oyf n pripetshok and nacht aktion
pitto ft. woodie s. : shadows
tapesh & sidney charles : pot
santé & md x-spress : mothership
gorge & andre hommen : marashi
david hasert & metteo luis : mekaela
pitto ft. woodie s. : shadows (johannes brecht remix)
nils frahm : no-w here

Deep down I knew perfectly well that it doesn’t much matter whether you die at thirty or at seventy, since in either case other men and women will naturally go on living - and for thousands of years. In fact, nothing could be clearer.”
― Albert Camus, The Stranger

… Fundamentally, you see, you can’t get away from it. It’s a situation in which we are all floating in a tremendous river―and the river carries you along. Now some of the people in the river are swimming against it; but they’re still being carried along. Others have learned that the art of the thing is to swim with it; and they’re carried along, too―but they know it.

Alan Wilson Watts